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Section: Students

CMA Boot Camp: The Great Gift of Being a Catholic in the Medical Field

By David Talarico This year’s Medical Student and Resident Boot Camp has reminded me that to be a Catholic in the field of medicine is a great gift. Coming off my first year of clinicals and preparing to enter my fourth year of medical school, I was feeling a bit drained after the ups and… Read More

CMA Inspires Medical Students to be Physicians that Imitate Jesus Christ

By Isabella Contolini   By my junior year of college I was fairly certain that God was calling me to become a Catholic physician, but I was terrified of having to do it alone. As a graduate of public school and a student at a very secular private university, I had no illusions about the… Read More

An Invitation Changes Lives: Join Novus Medicus for the 2024 Texas Mission Trip

By Dr. Seth Chauhan Invitations change lives. In fact, all of salvation history is the story of God’s continual invitation for a deeper encounter with Himself. Saying “yes” to an invitation from Christ is often an invitation to an adventure. It usually requires some form of changing plans, leaving comfort behind or entering the unknown,… Read More

Becoming a Catholic OB/GYN and the Need for Others to Make the Journey

By Monika Barbara Potocki, M.D. I was a third-year medical student, and I was in a quandary. I had been fascinated by pregnancy since the moment I was told, at six years old, that there was a new life blossoming in a family friend’s tummy. As a high school student, I spent much of my… Read More

Time to Register Student Chapters and A Call to Mission

Register or Renew Your CMA Student Chapter for the 2023-2024 School Year! Novus Medicus is looking to update its database of school CMA chapters. If you are a member of a local CMA student group, please email Ashley Best, our Regional Director Committee Chair, at [email protected] to complete the application/renewal process and to connect your… Read More

Nashville’s Annual Hippocratic Oath Event

The annual Hippocratic Oath Prayer Service and Banquet was held by the Society of Saints Cosmas and Damian student section along with the Nashville Guild of the Catholic Medical Association at the Cathedral of the Incarnation in Nashville Sept. 30. The event is an opportunity for medical students and guild members to come together to… Read More

CMA Medical Students and Residents: The Future of Catholic Medicine

The 92nd Annual Educational Conference saw the most medical students and residents in attendance to-date in large part thanks to the generous donations by CMA members to the Medical Student and Resident Education Fund. Eighty-two medical students and residents from all over the country spent three days in Phoenix, Arizona along-side physicians and health care… Read More

CMA Announces New Novus Medicus Committee Chair

By Nadia Smtih   The Catholic Medical Association Board announced the appointment of Dr. Jonathan Scrafford as the new chair of the Novus Medicus Committee, which supports the CMA Board and the national office by coordinating, inspiring, and overseeing the development of young members of the association. Novus Medicus is a rebranding of the Young… Read More

Boot Camp: A Much-Needed Spiritual CPR

By Javier Mariscal   When I signed up for the Catholic Medical Association’s Medical Student and Resident Boot Camp in Ave Maria, Florida, I was seeking answers and support. In my undergraduate years at Florida State University, I rediscovered the Catholicism of my youth, which I had previously naively dismissed as silly and antiquated. It… Read More