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Florida CMA Educating on the Grave Harm of Amendment 4

May 20, 2024

Florida is one of multiple states that will have an amendment on the November ballot attempting to supersede state legislation limiting abortion.

In Florida, Amendment 4 would allow for abortion right up to the moment of birth. It also removes parental consent law for minors seeking an abortion and eliminates basic safety and health regulations for abortion facilities and providers.

The Catholic Medical Association members in Florida are preparing to educate others on the grave harm which the passage of this radical, pro-abortion ballot amendment would have on women, families and unborn children in Florida.

“It’s very important that we educate our colleagues and the public about the implications of Amendment 4, ” noted Dr. Steve Hannan, Guild President of CMA’s Southwest Florida Guild in the Diocese of Venice, Fla.

Two main coalitions have formed in Florida, Too Extreme for FL and Do No Harm FL, both with the shared goal of opposing Amendment 4. Florida CMA members have participated in meetings held by both coalitions plan for educational efforts, especially within the various Catholic dioceses. A statewide coalition for life-affirming physicians to network and voice concerns about the dangers of Amendment 4 has also newly formed.

FL CMA President Dr. Diane Gowski is calling for all members to help educate others about this issue and to vote in November.

“It is of the utmost importance that we each realize the vital need to register to vote and to exercise our voting right in November as every vote matters on the abortion issue,” she said. “FL CMA members continue to educate and advocate for the protection of women and families and the life of unborn babies in Florida. The need for faith-based physicians and other health care professionals to stand for life has never been greater.”