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Medical Missions

CMA Medical Missions in Partnership with Maternal Life International

July 11, 2023


By  Dr. Ellen Dailor


Central to our Christian vocation is to recognize Christ in the poor and serve them like Christ did. This call to serve is vital to our Catholic identity and as Catholic health care professionals.

For that reason, the Catholic Medical Association formed the Missions Committee to focus on assisting Catholic physicians and other health care professionals in discerning their call to serve, support, and pray for missions, missionaries, and mission projects. The Missions Committee is currently primarily oriented toward overseas missions in partnership with U.S. apostolates who work with Catholic dioceses and religious orders in resource poor settings.

The Medical Missions Interest Group (MMIG) is an outreach of the Missions Committee to allow lay mission-minded health care professionals to hear from lay Catholic missionaries and mission organizations to ask questions, as well as to meet and interact with one another. We have held several of these meetings via Zoom, introducing Mission Doctors Association, the Catholic Medical Missions Board, Saint Benedict Joseph Medical Center (Honduras), Solanus Medical Missions, and Partnership in Mission from the Diocese of Joliet. We hope to continue to do these online meetings 3-4 times per year. There are also opportunities for discussion on the members-only CMA community platform and some of the previous MMIG presentations are posted there for review.

The next meeting will feature Maternal Life International, an apostolate focused on “building a better world through safe births and secure families.” Their work focuses on improving the health of mothers, babies, and families in resource-limited settings in Africa and Haiti. They have several programs, including Safe Passages, The Faithful House, The Couple Bead Method of Natural Family Planning and A Journey of a Thousand Days. They work on these projects in partnership with African-based apostolates in Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, and Nigeria.

Maternal Life International was started in 1997 by Dr. George Mulcaire-Jones, a physician trained in family medicine and obstetrics. After finishing his residency, he and his wife Mary joined Mission Doctors Association of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and worked for two years at Shisong Hospital in Cameroon. There, he encountered maternal deaths, an experience that haunts him to this day. Because of the prevalence of maternal deaths in Africa, he started Maternal Life International in response.

Please join the MMIG as Dr. George Mulcaire-Jones and his team provide a compelling presentation about Maternal Life International. This event will be held via Zoom on Monday, July 24, 2023 at 8:30 PM ET. Sign up here.

To learn more about CMA’s Medical Missions program, please visit us here.


Dr. Ellen Dailor is the chair of CMA’s Medical Missions Committee.