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Prayers Requested Tomorrow as Ohio Votes on Critical Referendum 

August 7, 2023

By Dr. Tim Millea


The leadership of the Catholic Medical Association URGE you, in our critical time of need, to pray for a resounding “YES” vote in Ohio tomorrow (August 8) on Issue 1.  This vote is a special referendum for Ohioans that is critically important to protecting innocent lives at all stages.  In November, voters in Ohio will determine whether or not a constitutional amendment will be adopted in their state that will eliminate restrictions on all pro-life efforts.  Tomorrow’s vote on Issue 1, if approved by Ohio’s voters, will raise the necessary threshold for passage of the constitutional amendment from the current 50% to 60%.

The 60% threshold makes it more difficult for outside groups to negatively impact the life of Ohioans.  These groups have spent tens of millions of dollars in advertising to promote the amendment, which would allow unrestricted abortion, liberalize transgender surgeries, legalize recreational marijuana, and implement assisted suicide.

Ohio CMA State Director and CMA members in Ohio are asking for prayers. It is imperative that we, as fellow Catholics, prayerfully support our sisters and brothers in Ohio in this fight to defend life as God intended it to be.  Also, please offer your prayers of gratitude for the relentless efforts of our CMA members in Ohio and all those working with them.

Dr. Tim Millea is the chair of the Health Care Policy Committee and Conscience Rights Protection Task Force.