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The Journey of Saint Camillus Guild of New Hampshire

July 11, 2023

By Colleen McCormick, CRNA


For Dr. Stephen Michaud, interest in the Catholic Medical Association was ignited at his first CMA conference in Boston in 2006. As often happens for a young physician with a busy Family Practice and growing family, it was some time until he was able to attend another CMA conference. In 2019, when he attended the Nashville conference, he felt the call to start a guild in New Hampshire. However, the concept of undertaking such an endeavor seemed daunting, so the idea remained on the back burner percolating for the right opportunity.

Coincidently, it was about that same time when Colleen McCormick, a certified registered nurse anesthetist, came to learn about the Catholic Medical Association and its work. Colleen was locked in a longstanding battle for the identity of Catholic health care in the face of persistent attempts by secular academic institutions to merge with and then gut Catholic medical centers of their prominence and ethical identity.

A decade later, in 2019, the same secular institution undertook another acquisition attempt, but this time their potential to succeed seemed much more viable. Colleen came to realize the biggest mistake made after the defeat of the 2009 attempt at takeover was believing that the issue had been truly resolved. With the 2022 ruling of the NH Attorney General against the merger, it was time to get off the defense. What New Hampshire needed was to build a culture of Catholic medical practice so invigorated that the idea of a secular academic takeover of a premiere Catholic medical center would not be deemed feasible. With that in mind, Colleen went to the 2022 CMA Leadership Training Meeting looking for guidance, and an ally or two.

Guild Chaplain Father Jason Jalbert blesses Guild President Dr. Stephen Michaud at the Cathedral Parish of St. Joseph in Manchester.

The CMA leadership team was well aware of Dr. Michaud’s interest and so made the introduction. Dr. Michaud, a gifted leader, could provide the necessary leadership and direction, and Colleen, now retired from anesthesia practice, could devote time and energy to getting the daily tasks done. Additionally, Father Jason Jalbert, rector and pastor of the Cathedral Parish of St. Joseph in Manchester, agreed to act as guild chaplain. He graciously hosted Guild meetings in the rectory conference room until the size of the group required moving to the parish hall. He also managed introductions to physicians in the congregation and contact information for mailings.

The administrative staff at CMA headquarters were invaluable with their help and guidance. The Guild began their membership outreach with an extensive list given to them of present and previous members who reside in New Hampshire. Currently, the Saint Camillus Guild has an attendance of about 15 physicians and 15 allied health care providers.

One of our main activities has been to support and collaborate with other pro-life and pro-family groups in New Hampshire. We have made our presence known at legislative hearings in Concord on various protection of life and preservation of family bills under consideration. Led by Dr. Michaud, our presence was heavily felt during the testimonial phase of a bill attempting to eliminate the lawful penalties for physicians and institutions performing late term abortions in violation of New Hampshire law. We joined with the NH Guild of Health Care Providers in the celebration of the diocesan White Mass this April. We also have hosted speakers who represent New Hampshire Right to Life, Saint Gianna’s Place, a home for unwed mothers and their babies, and Cornerstone Action, a legislative action organization.

Our first Spring event was to host “An Evening with Joseph Pearce,” internationally renowned author, speaker, editor, and guest lecturer at Thomas More College. His topic for the evening was Health, Healing and Suffering in Great Literature. His presentation was followed by a book signing and catered social hour.

Currently we are planning a late summer cookout to which we will invite incoming and returning medical and allied health care students. We are also preparing our next educational event.

We feel blessed, and are excited and hopeful for the future of New Hampshire’s Saint Camillus Guild of the Catholic Medical Association.


Colleen McCormick, CRNA, MA Ethics, serves as guild secretary.