August 12, 2022

Catholic Medical Association Joins Multiple Medical Organizations to Protect Physician Conscience Rights

Philadelphia, PA- August 12, 2022- Catholic Medical Association is celebrating a major victory regarding the conscience protection of health care professionals.

In recent years, there has been a growing effort within the international medical community to prohibit conscientious objection by physicians who object to unethical treatments and procedures.

In addition, the requirement that physicians provide referrals despite their opposition has been promoted.

This debate culminated this week at the World Medical Association (WMA) meeting in Washington, D.C.

Catholic Medical Association, along with several other organizations, is pleased to report that the WMA’s efforts to add these policies to their code of medical ethics has been stopped.

“If these proposals had been approved, the impact on the ethical practice of medicine would have been profound,” said Tim Millea, M.D., Chair of CMA’s Health Care Policy Committee.

“Physicians would be required to provide or directly refer patients for physician-assisted suicide, abortion, transgender surgery, and other unethical measures,” added Dr. Millea.

Due to the efforts of many physicians from various organizations, with several in attendance at the meeting, these troubling proposals did not advance.

CMA is blessed to work with like-minded organizations in this and other endeavors, including the Patients Rights Action Fund, the Christian Medical and Dental Association, and the Coalition for Jewish Values Healthcare Council.

In addition, several Canadian physicians, who already must deal with these imposed policies, were instrumental in this successful work.

“Catholic Medical Association looks forward to continued cooperation with these and other groups, as we protect the health, safety, and dignity of those we care for every day,” said Craig Treptow, M.D., President of CMA.

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