October 31, 2010

Students Attend Annual CMA Meeting

Last week the 79th Annual CMA meeting was held in Seattle, and what an excellent event that was.  All of the students in attendance, especially the student leaders, want to offer congratulations to Dr. Jan Hemstad for an outstanding and well organized conference.  As students, we felt very welcomed and we were grateful for the special considerations given to us, like the student ‘internet cafe’ where refreshments and access to the internet were provided and for the reception on Friday evening held in special honor for the students.  All of the physicians were very welcoming and supportive of our attendance and for that we are extremely grateful.  During the challenges of medical school, particularly third year, it is so wonderful to have an opportunity to meet with other Catholic physicians and to grow in our faith. 
Some Students at the ConferenceThis year we had students in attendance from Massachusetts, Ohio, Illinois, Louisiana, and California.  Moreover, the CMA-SS student leaders had an opportunity to speak at the general assembly meeting and share the successes of the past six months and where we are going in the future (more to come on that in future communications!).  
We are very grateful for the support and prayers of all the priests and religious who we met at the conference, and in particular, of Bishop Vasa of Oregon.Bishop Vasa and Students  
As we move forward from the conference, we hope that we will be able to take the information learned, the guidance given, and the graces received and put them to good use as we return to medical school and all the challenges we face.  We ask that you all would continue to pray for us each day and to continue to support us through the CMA-SS.  Thank you and God Bless!

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