Awards Committee – To oversee the annual selection process for the following awards:

  • Distinguished Guardian of the Faith Award
  • Outstanding Guild Award
  • Outstanding Guild Chaplain Award
  • Outstanding Student Chapter Award
  • Pillars Certificate Award
  • St. Luke Award

Chair: Marie-Alberte Boursiquot, M.D.

Catholic Social Teaching on Justice in Medicine Committee – To develop programs that provide CMA members with educational resources on Catholic Social Teaching, particularly as it relates to health care.
Chair: Frederick F. Fakharzadeh, M.D.

Constitution & Bylaws Committee – To help the Board improve its governance responsibilities.
Chair: Peter T. Morrow, M.D.

Education Committee – To oversee all CMA educational activities.
Roy J. Heyne, M.D., Mary Keen-Kirchoff, M.D.

Ethics Committee – To advise on matters submitted for review by the CMA Board or any of its committees and to ensure that CMA materials and statements conform to the teachings of the Magisterium of the Catholic Church. Materials for consideration may include: press releases, position statements, white papers, media releases, letters of collaboration from other organizations, and any other materials deemed appropriate by the Media and Communications Committee and/or the Board.
Co-Chairs: Greg F. Burke, M.D., Marie T. Hilliard, J.C.L., Ph.D., R.N.

Executive Committee – To provide a mechanism for Board leaders to engage more effectively, within the limits set by Board policy and the By-laws, in decision-making, oversight, and communication on important organizational matters.
Chair: Craig L. Treptow, M.D.

Faith, Inspiration, Reason and Evangelization (FIRE) Committee – To assist CMA members, including physicians, students and clergy, and associate members, in growing their faith and prayer life.
Chair: Kathleen M. Raviele, M.D.

Finance Committee – To assist the Board in the assessment and review of CMA’s financial status.
Chair: David J. Hilger, M.D.

Health Care Policy Committee (HCP) – To assist the Board in keeping abreast of socio-political and cultural events and trends, which directly affect the practice and delivery of health care. The Health Care Policy Committee is also responsible for the continual assessment of the environment in which the ministry of Catholic health care is practiced.
Chair: Timothy P. Millea, M.D.

Linacre Quarterly Editorial Committee (LQEC) – To assist the Linacre Quarterly Editor-in-Chief in ensuring that the Linacre Quarterly (LQ) publishes high quality, scholarly content consistent with the mission of Catholic Medical Association. The LQEC provides strategic and operational oversight for the LQ including, but not limited to, the focus/theme of special issues, types of articles, authors, reviewers, and other contributors.
Chair: John A. Schirger, M.D.

Media and Communications Committee (MCC) – To promote, respond to, and educate CMA’s membership and the general public on medical-moral topics of interest. The MCC is responsible for developing CMA’s official statements.
Interim Chair: Richard A. Rowe, M.D.

The Media and Communications Committee oversees the following subcommittee:

  • Hispanic Outreach

Medical Missions Committee – To advise the Board of Directors on medical mission matters, and to provide guidance to members on issues related to an authentically Catholic experience of medical mission service domestically or internationally.
Chair: Ellen M. Dailor, M.D.

Nominating Committee – To nominate candidates for CMA’s Board of Directors, Committee Chairs, representatives to the World Federation of Catholic Medical Associations (FIABC) and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB).
Chair: Craig L. Treptow, M.D.

Novus Medicus Committee – To support the CMA Board and the national office by coordinating, inspiring, and overseeing the development of young members of the organization.

Interim Chair: Paul W. Day, M.D.

The Novus Medicus Committee oversees the following four Sections:

  • Medical Student Section
    Chair: Margaret (Maggie) Hartman
  • Pre-Med Outreach Section
    Chair: Katherine E. Kondratuk, M.D.
  • Resident/Fellow Section
    Chair: Francesca Ursua, M.D.
  • Young Physicians in Practice Section
    Chair: Paul W. Day, M.D.

Regional Directors and State Directors Committee – To assist the CMA Board and the national office with the development, growth, and orientation of CMA’s membership. Committee members facilitate communication between the Board of Directors and the Regional Directors/State Directors. The Committee also addresses membership issues.
Chair: Anthony S. Oliva, M.D.

Stewardship Committee – To strengthen Catholic Medical Association’s fiscal position and to help build the organization’s capacity. The Committee accomplishes its mission by suggesting ways to increase revenue streams through philanthropic, programmatic, and membership channels.
Co-Chairs: Jack I. Lane, M.D., John A. Schirger, M.D.

~ ~ ~

For more information about CMA’s Committees, or if you have any questions or wish to get involved, please email [email protected]