Novus Medicus

The Novus Medicus Committee supports the CMA Board and the national office by coordinating, inspiring, and overseeing the development of young members of the organization.

  • Chair: Jonathan Scrafford, M.D.
  • The Novus Medicus Committee oversees the following three Sections:
    • Communications
      Chair: Talia Caridi
    • Encounter
      Chair: Paul W. Day, M.D.
    • Membership/Recruitment
      Chair: Margaret (Maggie) Hartman

Click below or visit www.NovusMedicus.org for more info.

The latest from Novus Medicus:

CMA Mentoring Resources

Both the CMA national office and CMA guilds connect medical students to mentor physicians, who enjoy sharing their expertise and experience with the next generation.

Please contact the CMA to:

  • Volunteer to provide mentoring (physicians)
  • Request to be paired with a mentor (students)

Mentors must be members of CMA and students must be members of the CMA Student Section.

Paging future doctors! The Catholic Medical Association exists to form and support current and future physicians to live and promote the principles of the Catholic Faith in the science and practice of medicine.

Join pre-medical students from across the country in taking the CMA’s new L.O.V.E. pledge – a rule of life specifically designed to help you grow in holiness as a pre-health student! This pledge was developed out of advice from medical students, residents, and attending physicians who spoke at FOCUS’s SEEK21 conference in a session titled: “Catholic Healthcare: A Vocation to L.O.V.E.” You can watch the breakout session here and learn more about these CMA members’ advice for living a “Lifestyle of Virtuous Excellence (L.O.V.E.)” as a pre-medical student today!You can download the pledgeusing the images below, perfectly sized for use as your phone screensaver.

Are you a FOCUS missionary who wants more information about connecting your pre-health sciences students to faithful, zealous medical students near your campus? Email us at [email protected] to learn more about ways our network of medical students and residents might be able to help you with on-campus outreach to high-achieving college students! 

Ever wondered how you can participate in Christ’s own passion, death, and resurrection in your life as a premedical student? Check out CMA member and SEEK panelist Dr. Tom McGovern’s new book, “What Christ Suffered: A Doctor’s Journey through the Passion!”