April 17, 2023

Catholic Medical Association Stands With Catholic Health Care Clinic Asking Court to Reverse Law Making it Illegal to Offer Women Natural Hormone to Reverse Abortion Pill

Philadelphia, PA- April 17, 2023- Catholic Medical Association publicly shares its support of Bella Health and Wellness, as it filed suit to challenge a Colorado state law which makes it illegal to offer women a natural hormone intended to reverse the effects of the abortion pill. 

Bella Health and Wellness, a member of CMA, is a Catholic healthcare clinic and asserts in its case that the law “targets clinics that have a religious duty to help all pregnant women in need, including those who decide to continue their pregnancies after willingly or unwillingly taking the abortion pill.”

“We commend the courage that Bella Health and Wellness displays as it fights to stand up for what is right for women, as well as to protect the religious liberty and conscience of health care providers in Colorado and beyond,” said Craig Treptow, M.D., CMA President.

CMA also commends Becket Law, which represents Bella Health and Wellness.

“We support and echo Becket’s mission which states in part that it ‘exists to defend the free exercise of all faiths’ and pray for justice as this case moves through our court system,” said Tim Millea, M.D., Chair of CMA’s Health Care Policy Committee.

CMA and its expert membership, which is comprised of more than 2500 health care professionals, stands with Bella Health and Wellness as it urges the federal court to “strike the law down and uphold its right to serve women who choose to continue their pregnancies.”

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