Please note: Conference activities will start at 6pm on Friday, April 8th and end by 11am on Sunday, April 10.


MEDCON is a weekend conference aimed at inspiring an undergraduate student audience towards careers in healthcare.  The Catholic Medical Association looks forward to a weekend of fellowship and formation with the next generation of healthcare professionals!  We hope to leave you inspired and hopeful about the important role Catholics play in healthcare, and to give you a foundation of principles to prepare you for the challenges Catholic students may face during training.

Who is MEDCON for?  This conference is perfect for current undergraduate students considering a future career as:

  • Physicians and physician assistants
  • Nurses and nurse practitioners
  • Pharmacists
  • Psychologists

What topics will be covered?  This year’s conference will focus on the following core topics, with several lectures presented for each, and plenty of time for Q&A and interaction with speakers:

  • Vocation
  • Women’s Health
  • Gender Ideology
  • Conscience

What is the cost?  Registration for the conference costs $45, which will cover all but one meal from Friday evening through Sunday morning.  If you are interested in attending but cost would be prohibitive, please inquire at [email protected] to see if accommodations could be made.

 Can’t join us in Dallas?

We will be streaming some of our content live! Please enter your email address here to register for virtual only.