January 11, 2021

Vaccine Letter in Objection Template

Please note: you’ll need to personalize this general template with name, specific company, etc.

For names and addresses of vaccine developers please see CMA President, Dr. Michael Parker’s, Grand Rounds message to members.


I am (or We are) writing to thank you for the outstanding work __________ (company) has done in vaccine research and development. I, along with millions of Americans, appreciate and support your ongoing efforts to develop effective, safe and widely available vaccines against serious, potentially fatal infectious diseases.

However, I — along with many Americans — must also strenuously object to the unethical and unnecessary use of tissue, cells, or cell lines derived from voluntary abortions or human embryos in vaccine design, development or production.

While many will consent to receiving such morally tainted vaccines for the common good, we do so under duress due to their association with the exploitation of innocent human life, no matter how remote.

As a nation, we must all work to restore the fundamental principle that the dignity of every human life must be defended from its inception to natural death. This duty is particularly significant for the pharmaceutical industry, whose mission is to safeguard life and health without compromising fundamental ethical standards.

I implore you to work expeditiously toward the goal of developing safe and effective vaccines for the welfare of all without human exploitation and thereby avoid placing anyone in the position of having to choose between being vaccinated against a serious disease or violating his or her conscience.


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