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The Catholic Medical Association helps physicians grow in the spirit of Christ in their personal and professional lives, so they can bring His Spirit to the science and art of medicine.

  • Congratulations to the Little Sisters of the Poor on HHS Mandate

    The CMA was one of the many signers of the amicus brief in support of The Little Sisters of the Poor, and extends a huge congratulations to the Little Sisters, as they celebrate this huge victory! 

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  • CMA’s Patrick Yeung, M.D. Interview

    CMA's Patrick Yeung, M.D. (Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Women's Health) was interviewed by KTVI-TV Ch. 2 about his specialized fertility clinic.


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  • Dr. Bill Mueller was interviewed on EWTN’s program “At Home with Jim and Joy”

    Dr. Bill Mueller was interviewed on EWTN's program "At Home with Jim and Joy" Thursday February 18 from 2-3 pm ET, talking discussing the Catholic Medical Association and other current medical issues. There is a repeat airing on Sunday, 21 Feb from 10:30-11:30am ET.

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  • Choice and Consequences

    The CMA supports your right to know about post-abortion trauma.  Abortion may cause psychological effects including depression, anxiety, suicidal behaviors and substance abuse. 42% of women who’ve had abortions have experienced major depression within the last four years. Women who have abortions were twice as likely to drink alcohol at dangerous levels and three times as likely to become addicted to illegal drugs. To find out more about post- abortion effects and how to get help, the CMA has created this video to raise awareness about choice and consequences. 

    Choice and Consequences
    This brief video discusses some of the consequences of choosing abortion on the mother, as narrated by someone who experienced those consequences.

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  • The Pulse Magazine February 2016 Issue

    To read The Pulse Magazine, click on the link below.

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The Pulse Magazine February 2016 Issue

The Pulse Magazine February 2016 Issue