Homosexuality and Hope

December 15, 2010

CMA's pamphlet Homosexuality & Hope: Questions and Answers About Same-Sex Attraction provides clear, sensitive, and updated advice to persons and families who are dealing with same-sex attraction. Homosexuality & Hope was first printed in 1999 in booklet form as a service to the medical profession, the Church, and society. Later, in 2003, a shorter pamphlet, focused on responding to the most frequently asked questions about same-sex attraction, was published. Later editions of the Homosexuality & Hope pamphlet, in 2008 and 2010, brought a new design and layout, updated citations reflecting new research on same-sex attraction, and a new question on recent attempts to apply the title “marriage” to same-sex relationships. 

To read a selection from the 2010 edition of the Homosexuality and Hope pamphlet, click the icon below. 

 Homosexuality and Hope can be purchased from the CMA’s Store. Volume discounts are available.

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